Our Services

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City Computers is the first IT firm in Tangail District. Its provide all kind of ICT service, such as software and website development, broadband internet service, network solution, hardware and software troubleshooting, graphics design etc. We also give support and rent ipcamera, dvr, nvr and cctv camera for your digital security.

Broadband Internet


We distribute high-speed and dedicated internet service in Tangail. We are the first BTRC Internet Service Provider Lisence Holder in Tangail District for distribute bandwith through Fiber Optics and CAT5/CAT6.

Website Development


We create world class website for your requirement. Our expert team always ready to create your static or dynamic website or web base application within sort time. We also provide web hosting facilities in our server..

Software Development


You can create your office, personal, productive or any kind of customized software from us. Our created customized software is user friendly and too much easy to use. We also add accounts and inventory with your required software. You can use online backup with our created software

Camera Service


We offer IP Camera network for your security. We provide IP address monthly rental basis. Tangail District Police use our network to use camera view. There are more than thirty camera connection on our network which used by Tangail District Police.

Graphics Design


Our expert graphics designer will provide you to create your Logo, Poster, Leaflet, Brochure, Card or any kind of designing work. You can communicate us for develop survey questionnaire and questionnaire base software. We also provide compose and print



We provide any kind of network solution for your need. Our exper network administrator build or solve your any type of network trouble, configure MikroTik or Cisco Router based network, Airfiber or Radio based network etc.

Local FTP Server


We also have high-speed FTP Server for our network users. There are many kind of movie, song, natok, cartoon, books, tutorial, software and games in our FTP server. We always dynamically update our FTP server.

Online Television


Recently we broadcast TV Channel in our Network. Anyone who use our network can be watch our broadcasted TV Channel. The procedure of viewing the TV Channel are using Windows Media Player, VLC Player or Web browser.

Cyber Cafe


We established a cyber cafe in Public Library Market, Tangail. We offer high-speed internet connection, Video chatting facilities in our cyber cafe.